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Alagoas, Brazil

Bioflex 1

Rua São Sebastião, 08, Bairro de Fátima, São Miguel dos Campos, AL, CEP 57240-000

Breading Station

Fazenda Andorinha, Rod. AL 220 s/n, KM 6,5, São Miguel dos Campos, Zona Rural, AL, CEP 57180-000

Agricultural Facility

Av. João Floriano Bonfim, 300, Loteamento Rui Palmeira, São Miguel dos Campos, AL, CEP 57240-000

São Paulo, Brazil

Research center

Av. Pierre Simon de Laplace, 965, Techno Park, Campinas, SP, CEP 13069-320


Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 2277, 15º andar, Conjunto 1503, Jd. Paulistano, São Paulo, SP, CEP 01452-000

California, USA

Office USA

303 Twin Dolphin Drive, 6th floor, Redwood City, California. 94065.



+55 11 2739.0500

Breading Station

+55 82 3211.0152

Agricultural Facility

+55 82 3211.0130

Research center

+55 19 3322.8100

Bioflex I

+55 82 3211.0058

Corporate Culture

The GranBio’s team builds a company based on a common purpose: innovate to invest and have a better world. We envision a modern, capable, vibrant and creative Brazil. And GranBio aims to become the most innovative company of this futuristic Brazil, with an original way of creating the novelty; of accepting the risks of innovations that transform the world; of innovating in order to better serve our customers and of anticipating accomplishments that respect the material legacy for future generations.
GranBio wants to be the choice of talented people, who value a transparent, light, creative, active, intelligent, ethical and fun environment. Autonomy, good humor, audacity and commitment go together in a pact of ethics between responsibility and self-demanding. Here, what is right has no owner and the ideas and learnings are shared in a natural way. At GranBio, “to serve” is a common attitude and great dreams are respected as realities that await our next actions.

The entrepreneurial culture of GranBio came from the belief that anticipating our customers’ dreams generates, in a unique way, amazing returns for the shareholder capital. We believe that creative freedom along with discipline are able to achieve tangible results. Behind every creative attitude, there will always be a GranBio member responsible for making the initiative innovative and for delivering the results to the client, to shareholders and to the society.

GranBio is characterized by the conduct of all its members. In GranBio, there is solely one way, the straight. We all sign a commitment to do the right and the good. We all feel responsible for the consequences of our actions and we judge ourselves by the way we do/refuse to do or make things happen.

Here, the business leadership is legitimated by the example. GranBio leaders believe the company has a decisive role in the defense of social and cultural values wherever it is present. We do not accept the hierarchy of imposed authority, but the leadership with a sense of cause that conquers people by the example, the conduct and the companies’ cause. This latter becomes a personal achievement, the accomplishment of something meaningful in life. People who choose GranBio bring the audacity for a cause and a vibrant fervor for the pursuit of self-realization. We all are part and share the dreams and achievements of our clients, in a passionate way of working, in which the limit is not possible.

GranBio wants to be considered a company where the future is the cause of the present, where people are satisfied and customers feel part of a shared dream.