Our Technology

Enabling productive chains of any biomass, residual or planted, with neutral carbon emissions in the final products

Technology Strategy


Our technology strategy is based on pioneer innovation and active cooperation to produce state of the art clean technologies capable of accelerating the energy transition to a neutral carbon economy.

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GreenPower + (GP+)


GP+ is a biocracker platform supported by proprietary technology globally patented to produce cellulosic ethanol. It is a robust platform already proved at commercial scale at BioFlex I Plant in Alagoas (Brazil) with near to zero emissions.

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AVAP is also a biocracker platform fully demonstrated at Thomaston R&D Center in Georgia (USA) having tested 18 different types of biomass in the last 13 years. AVAP has already been licensed for two customers.

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GranBio has developed two proprietary biorefinery platforms that are used for the production for nine different types of patented nanocellulose.

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thumb_header_Bioflex I

BioFlex is GranBio’s brand name for its industrial scale biorefineries. BioFlex I in Alagoas (Brazil) is GranBIo’s first of kind 2G ethanol plant operating with sugar cane straw as feedstock since 2017.

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Intelectual Property


Along more than 12 years of continuous operation, GranBio has systematized and integrated proprietary knowledge to enable net zero products in the biomass value chain.

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Thomaston R&D Center


Thomaston was inaugurated in 2011 and has received more than $120 million dollars of direct investment in equipment and operating hours in last 12 years. It is the technology core of GranBio and has already generated more than 300 patents globally.

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