About GranBio

GranBio is a cleantech company pioneer in green technologies

We are a pioneer cleantech company focused on reversing global warming and help making the world safer.

Valuation in 2021 by Peak Value IP

We believe that technology allied with human creativity and entrepreneurial execution capability in a cooperative and trustful environment is the most effective pathway to reverse the climate change impact that threatens the planet. We have developed an inclusive organizational culture with talented people with purpose and sense of urgency to secure a sustainable and better planet the next generations.

Our business is to create, develop, demonstrate and license state of the art proprietary biotechnologies with an option of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) in alliance with strategic partners. GranBio executes viability studies and the construction, as well as offers full operation of integrated biorefineries utilizing biomass as sustainable feedstock aiming net zero carbon emission products such as 2G ethanol, SAF, biochemicals and nanocellulose.


A sustainable and safe planet for the next generations


Be relevant worldwide to reverse global warming


Integrity, inclusion, innovation, responsability and perseverance

Our leaders

Our manifest

The purpose of GranBio is to offer technology solutions on an industrial scale to reduce dependence on fossil carbon and mitigate the human impact on global warming.

GranBio’s people are building a company based on a common cause: innovation to create sustainable solutions for a better world. GranBio intends to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil and in the world, with a bold way of doing things and the tireless pursuit of groundbreaking technologies to drive change.

At GranBio, autonomy, good mood, boldness and commitment are complemented by an ethical pact of responsibility and self-demand. Here, what is right has no owner and ideas and learnings are shared naturally. Serving is a common behavior and big dreams are respected as close realities that are only waiting for our action.

GranBio is represented by the conduct of all its members. At GranBio there is only one track, the right track. We all sign a formal commitment to do right and good. We all feel responsible for the consequences of our actions and we measure ourselves by our way of doing, refusing to do and making things happen.

Here business leadership is legitimized by example. GranBio’s leaders believe that the company plays a decisive role in defending social and cultural values wherever it is present. We do not accept an imposed hierarchy of authority, but follow a leadership with a sense of cause, which engages people through example, conduct and personal cause in the pursuit of accomplishing something meaningful in life. The people who choose GranBio bring along a rebellious cause and a vibrant restlessness in the search for self-accomplishment.

GranBio wants to be seen as a company where the future is the present cause, where people are fulfilled and clients feel like they belong to a common dream in favor of future generations.

Bernardo Gradin Founding partner of GranBio