Our Trajectory

Get to know the main historical landmarks of GranBio

  • $80 million D.O.E. Grant to AVAP SAF platform
  • GranBio and Nuseed sign global alliance to develop and commercialize energy cane
  • GranBio gets green tire nanocellulose composite patent
  • GranBio Demonstrates proprietary technology to make biomass based nButanol
  • GranBio and Birla announce global partnership to build green tire
  • GranBio sells first GP+ license to produce 2G ethanol
  • GranBio and MaireTecnimont (NextChem) announce global alliance to license GP+ 3.0 with an EPC option
  • GranBio is listed in CVM (Brazilan SEC)
  • GP+ Technology obtains global FTO and FTL (Freedom to Operate and License)
  • BioFlex produz 100 m3/dia
  • GranBio adquire 100% das tecnologias da API
  • BioFlex I operates with 100% proprietary technology
  • Energy Cane Vertix is licensed to 10 customers in Brazil
  • GranBio exports 5 million liters of 2G ethanol to the USA
  • GranBio demonstrates GP+ 2.0 at BioFlex I
  • GranBio replaces BioFlex I technology and equipment with proprietary GP+
  • GranBIo is awarded a $7.4 million grant by the D.O.E. to build a SAF pilot plant in Thomaston
  • GranBio registers patent ot its first energy cane proprietary variety
  • AVAP demonstrates BDO (Butanodiol) from biomass with partners
  • GranBio patents its first GMO yeast Celere I
  • Alpena Demo Plant is awarded first 2G ethanol RIN in Michigan, US
  • Second AVAP license is sold to an European Chemical company
  • Partida da BioFlex I
  • BioFlex I breaks ground
  • JV with Rhodia to develop green butanol
  • BNDESPAR acquires 15% of GranBio
  • GranBio buys a 2G ethanol license from M&G with an enzyme contract with Novozymes
  • GranBio compra licença de etanol 2G da M&G com enzimas Novozymes
  • GranBio is founded by the Gradin family