Sustainable Aviation Fuel

  • Expected demand for SAF is 7 billion liters by 2030
  • The aviation sector has established a global goal to enable 450 billion liters of SAF with net zero emission by 2050
  • If nothing is done, the aviation sector will be responsible for more than 22% of total CO2 emissions by 2050


Enabling Net Zero with AVAP Platform


Enabling Net Zero™ – a AVAP project to produce 2G SAF with support of the D.O.E.

  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Budget: $220 million with $80 million cost sharing grant from the D.O.E.
  • Início: Q3 2026
  • Expected Start up: Q3 2026
  • Capacity: 1.2 million gallons of SAF using wood chips and sugar cane residue
  • GHG Reduction: The project expects to be Net Zero
  • Technology Development: started in 2017 with first grant from the D.O.E. and developed in Thomaston R&D Center