Innovating to undertake sustainable solutions for a better world

"The people at GranBio build a company from a common cause: innovating to undertake sustainable solutions for a better world. GranBio intends to be known as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil and the world, with its bold way of doing what is new, seeking the challenge of transformative pioneering technology."

Granbio Manifesto

What you experience at GranBio

100% green purpose
The desire to change the world
Being a part of history


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Here we do not tolerate prejudice, people are recognized by who they are.

Individual skills and abilities alied to diversity, equity, and inclusion are a part of our commitment as a company to follow the only path: the right path.


That is Granbio's essence. What is yours?

Building a better world, through innovation, boldness, and pioneering.

This makes a difference at Granbio and this difference turns into pride in being a part of this history's development.


Advantages and benefits

  • Collaborative environment, with learning and exchanges
  • Simplicity in our relations
  • Freedom of expression
  • A leadership that communicates and cares

Be a part of our team

GranBio wants to be seen as a company where the future is the current cause, where people are fulfilled. Let's do this together?

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