Why Net Zero?

Focus on reducing carbon emissions absolutely

Scientific evidence and climate catastrophies show that global warming is not like a faucet that can be closed if we would be able to interrupt fossil fuel emissions flow. The CO2 and other gases volume will keep warming the planet for many years.

Therefore the global mission to reverse this scenario cannot limit itself to a carbon neutrality in the current balance. We must reduce current emissions to lower levels than the present.

Countries, companies and even individuals have announced voluntary commitment to net zero emissions to fight climate change. It is a simple concept, net zero about balancing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere with the amount removed and stored by carbon sinks.

Net Zero is different from “carbon neutral”. Net Zero is focused on the carbon neutral emission in absolute terms and compensating only what is economically or technically unavoidable. Carbon neutral refers to commitment to avoid future emission or compensating current ones.

In spite of the announced public commitment by countries and regions to reach Net Zero by 2050 in certain products and value chains, not all have presented clear plans on how to make it happen. The United States intend to lead the green revolution with intiatives such as the IRA – Inflation Reduction Act and coordinated action such as the SAF grand challenge. Europe has responded with the Green Deal. In both cases there is an economic and geopolitic strategy to reinforce or even build new domestic green value chains generating million of new jobs and positive environmental impact.

GranBio was borned in 2011 with the objective of becoming relevant in technology and entrepreneurial solutions to reverse climate change and its consequences to the future of the planet.

We want to enable Net Zero action plans to decarbonize transportation, plastics, packaging and petrochemical chemistry in harmony with food production and forest preservation.

The technology solutions demonstrated the BioFlex platforms powered by GP+ or AVAP and fed by energy cane, agricultural residues or wood chips offer a ready to execution reality to make the planet safer.