Net Zero Strategy

Research, development and execution at industrial scale of proprietary technologies in alliance with strategic partners to produce renewable products

Net Zero emissions occurs refers to the target of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming to zero by balancing the amount released into the atmosphere with the amount removed and stored by carbon sinks. This is also described as 'carbon neutrality' or 'climate neutrality'.

The Kyoto protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015 have established international goals of carbon emissions to reverse global warming. New goals and public mandates advance towards Net Zero targets and companies worldwide respond with voluntary commitment to zero greenhouse gases emissions in their value chains.

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GranBio believes that the private sector shall lead the way in sustainability reversing the human impact in global warming while creating the right reputation and competitive advantage. Voluntary drive and goals to reduce emissions can increase operating efficiency, avoid future costs and foster innovation demanding new business models and cooperative initiatives. Take climate action to promote decarbonization makes business sense, but what matters is that it the only way to make the planet safe for future generations.