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BioFlex is GranBio’s biorefineries brand name

BioFlex I entered in operation with GP+ technology in 2017 in São Miguel, Alagoas (Brazil). It is the first cellulosic ethanol plant to operate in the Southern Hemisphere and converts sugar cane straw in 2G ethanol with 8.2gCO2equ/MJ carbon footprint delivered in Europe (Certified by RSB).

BioFlex I uses GreePower+ technology:


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GranBio has developed knowhow to harvest, storage and treat more than 200,000 tons of sugar cane straw per year. This logistics allows BioFlex I to operate off harvest season.

BioFlex Max

GranBio develops a disruptive large scale project using energy cane and AVAP technology Platform to produce 100 million gallons of Net Zero SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) at scale in 50,000 hectars clusters.

The BioFlex Max biorefineries will generate highly positive social benefit and environmental impact when deployed in degraded or pasture areas. Brazil has 150 million hectars of degraded and pasture land not used for food and Africa has apporximatelly 1 billion hectars of available land.